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ReUseHeat: Information on urban excess heat sources - replicability

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ReUseHeat: Information on urban excess heat sources

There is enough waste energy produced in the EU to heat the EU’s entire building stock; despite of this huge potential, only few small-scale examples of urban waste heat recovery are present across the EU. The objective of ReUseHeat project is to demonstrate first of their kind advanced, modular and replicable systems enabling the recovery and reuse of excess heat available at the urban level, as well as analysing the potential of waste heat by identifying urban sources and the amount of excess heat available with the aim of assessing the impacts that investments in this field can have on national energy systems.

This survey aims to be a very useful tool for identifying the potential of urban excess heat sources by contacting relevant actors and stakeholders across the EU, with particular focus on the four ReUseHeat demonstrator cities. By filling in this survey, the data of your facilities will be part of an open and public database, contributing to taking a step forward towards the final objective of reaching a more sustainable and decarbonised energy model in Europe!

Besides, among the respondents to the survey that provide their consent, the Reuseheat team will select the cases that will benefit of a free pre-feasibility study for a urban waste heat recovery system carried out within the Reuseheat project.


ReUseHeat project has received funding form the European Union's Horizon 2020 reserach and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 767429.

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What of the following categories does your company belong to?
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What are the coordinates of the heat source? (in decimal degrees)

Site coordinates (WGS 84/GPS) to 6 decimal places should be taken from Google Map (e.g. Valladolid: 41.647523, -4.726473).

Which are the energy sources used for heating and cooling purposes in the area?
Type of energy (electricity, DHC) and/or equipment (heating pump, radiators)
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Is the Heating and Cooling system individual?
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Is the Heating and Cooling system centralized?
Which is the distance from the District Heating and Cooling network?
Please, indicate the distance in meters (m). Approximate distance from the nearest DHC (District Heating and Cooling) network in case there is any [in m] (Mark 0 for own local DHC and empty if there is no one).

What is the source of the identified excess heat?

That heat has been identified, but it is not being utilized (it is wasted).
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What is the temperature (range) at which this excess heat is available?
If the actual temperature is known, kindly specify it in 'Other:' (in ºC)
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What is the approximate annual energy volume (range) of available excess heat at your facilities?
If the actual annual energy volume is known, kindly specify it in 'Other:' (in MWh/y)
What is the type of fluid from which the excess heat should be recovered?
If known, what is the DAILY distribution of this excess heat availability?
If known, what is the SEASONAL distribution of the temperature (in ºC) of the waste heat source?
Tmax (in ºC)
Tmin (in ºC)
Taverage (in ºC)

Please, add here any additional information and/or comments that might be useful for the identification and quantification of the available excess heat resource (kind of cooling facilities, system’s performance, other…).

Also, keep in mind you can answer a more complete survey here.

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E-mail contact
Your mail will only be used if you agree on being contacted to expand the data introduced in this survey or follow up the conclusions derived as well as if you would like to receive further information about the recovery of urban excess heat.
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